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Breastfeeding Arm Support Pillow

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The Breastfeeding Arm Support Pillow is is an ergonomic pillow especially designed to provide convenience for mothers when cradling a baby for feeding time. It is also meant to alleviate back pains and relax the back, waist and hips from carrying the weight of the baby when breastfeeding. It can also be used to avoid the baby from slipping when placed on the bed or can be used by mums as a head pillow when resting.

  • Adjustable height allows you to maintain perfect breast feeding position;
  • Easy to slide over the forearm, providing the needed support for your baby;
  • Helps a nursing mother to maintain a better posture to eliminate back pain while reducing the baby’s gas and reflux;
  • Supports your baby’s head and neck; and
  • Portable, compact, suitable for busy family trips.

Condition — Brand New, High Quality
Material — Cotton and 100% Polyester Fabric
Design — *See Product Option
Size — 25cm x 23cm

Package Included: 1 x Breastfeeding Arm Support Pillow

6 reviews for Breastfeeding Arm Support Pillow

  1. Emma Orange

    Easy to wash, to dry I air dry it outside and then put it in the dryer for a few minutes and that does the trick. The inside is super soft. I also still have carpal tunnel from pregnancy so this has helped my wrist sustain the weight of my baby.

  2. Chris A

    Easy to adjust while nursing. Washes great! With my other nursing pillows they either can’t be thrown in the wash or take up half a load…. I never feel just washing the cover is enough. It also works great for young kidos wanting to hold baby.

  3. Dorene R

    Needed something to make breastfeeding more comfortable on the go and around the house that wasn’t my giant Brest Friend pillow and this is perfect for that. It also helps my husband comfortably feed the baby his bottle.

  4. K. Archer

    Love it! Wish I had this with my son. I was sceptical to purchase but won a free one. I used it with my newborn and it was perfect. Great for day trips as it doesn’t take up as much room.

  5. First Time Mama

    My baby is 18mo and sleeps in bed with me and at night he nurses and normally rests his head on my shoulder/arm which can make it sore. With this plush pillow I can place it on my upper arm and he cuddles his head on the pillow and when he falls asleep and finishes nursing, I actually find it easier to gently slide out from under his head with this than my bare arm.

  6. Maria K.

    I wish I could say how it works for the new baby stage but I can vouch for chunky/still floppy baby stage for sure. It’s pudgier than expected which makes it super versatile.

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