Breastfeeding Pillows for a Relaxed Feeding Time

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Breastfeeding Pillows Australia provides breastfeeding pillows for making breastfeeding comfortable for you and your baby. Each one of our breastfeeding pillows are helpful when carrying the baby in your arms while feeding can be tiring.

Why Our Breastfeeding Pillows?

Nursing time for babies is a great bonding time between mums and babies yet can be a straining activity on mums’ back and shoulders. As a result, it can get in the way of producing a good amount of milk for breastfeeding as well as make babies uncomfortable on mums’ arms.

Making feeding time more comfortable for you and your baby can be easily achieved with equipping yourself with a breastfeeding pillow as it can help you carry the weight of your baby while at the same time resting your baby’s head on something soft and breathable.

Many mums are now looking into the option of buying their breastfeeding pillows because they see this as a practical way for a more convenient and easier feeding time with the little one.

Breastfeeding Pillow Australia provides pillow products that will help you achieve a greater figure anytime, anywhere.

At Breastfeeding Pillow Australia, our goal is to provide our customers the satisfaction each of us are expecting for what we have paid for. For a more detailed specifications of our breastfeeding pillows, please click here.


About Our Breastfeeding Pillows?

✔ Multi-functional – can be used as prenatal pregnancy pillow, post-natal nursing pillow, sleeping pillow and foot pillow;

✔ Ergonomic round-edged designs holds wigglers in place and prevent sliding of baby’s head and body;

✔ Made with high-quality material that is soft and breathable so that feeding is comfortable and firm enough to support the baby’s weight to avoid it from falling off;

✔ Alleviates back, waist, hip and shoulder pains from carrying baby’s weight as they grow bigger;

✔ Lightweight and easy to carry; and

 Washable pillow and fabric covers for a more hygienic use.



What Our Clients Say

A life saver! I’ve always felt tired after feeding my baby and have complained about it with my best friend. She recommended that I get the deluxe breastfeeding pillow and it’s been the best. I’ve been using it since my baby was 3 months old; it’s so helpful still even if my baby has gotten bigger. It’s also high-quality so I think I can still use it when I get pregnant again.Melissa


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